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hail hitler, i mean bradfitz's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
hail hitler, i mean bradfitz

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[05 Sep 2004|08:54pm]
well as the maintainer of this community i figure i'll make the first real post. i made this community after doing some thinking about the recent salj drama and after my friend xtina's NEW journal was suspended without even doing anything breaking the TOS. there is no rule that you cant make another account after you are suspended but bradfitz decided to shove his cock up her ass and suspend her. the LJ gestapo has struck full force and it leads you to wonder if it could get worse?

now i was talking with cyns and he brought up some good points about the lack of freedom of speech on livejournal. now its been debated before other places, about free speech on blogs. say your boss stumbles upon something written in your blog he cant fire you IRL for it. but lj argues that most things are harrassment. this leads you to wonder, what is their definition of harrassment. petty bashing of furries is more offensive than pedophilia? i fail to see the logic in protecting a sex offender but banning a bunch of "troublesome kids". now the livejournal people say that livejournal is a company and thus can make whatever rules that they want? i believe one person said lj could suspend anyone who makes an entry with a "g" in it if they wanted. did they hear tyranny or company?

xtina's new account was given paid time the day that it was suspended for no reason.shouldn't that person be reimbursed for his money he fed to frank the goat? he didnt know xtina would get suspended because im sure he, as well as everyone else, realized xtina didnt do anything suspension worthy.

if you get fired from a job you still get the money that you earned that week up until the time you got fired.

is this no different?

also i'd like to bring up my previous journals f___g___t and fgtfever, everyone is well aware of the katyowns drama by now. yes, i spread pornographic photos of her (not through livejournal though) and other people posted the pictures. ultimately she blammed me because i was the one she first sent them to. people have told me that she has said specifically that she told lj abuse they were from when she was 17 even though they were current and she is 18 but that way she could hit harder and play the "child pornography" card. while the child porn card backfired on her lj suspended me for using the picture without permission and that it was a copyright violation and could be taken up in a court of law. i really dont think she copyrighted those photos of her and wouldnt that mean that everyone who uses lmho.gif and other gifs and signs and stuff are violating copyright laws of whoever made those to begin with?

wtf brad, wtf.
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[05 Sep 2004|03:49pm]

I heard bradfitz has had relations with frank the goat.

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[05 Sep 2004|02:23pm]
first post in a community about internet dictatorship
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